Master Thesis - Classification of interruptions of production at ESS at European Spallation Source ERIC


  • ESS: The European Spallation Source is under construction on the outskirts of Lund, a city in southern Sweden. The facility's unique capabilities will both greatly exceed and complement those of today's leading neutron sources, enabling new opportunities for researchers across the spectrum of scientific discovery, including materials and life sciences, energy, environmental technology, cultural heritage and fundamental physics.
  • Machine Protection: It is important to prevent the equipment used, from being damaged, both from a cost and an availability perspective. In order to prevent equipment damage it is important to maintain the equipment, to use it appropriately and for the intended purpose. As the equipment and systems are becoming increasingly complex, the protection of them is becoming increasingly complex as well. The systems used to protect equipment are called equipment protection or machine protection systems. The goal of these systems is to reduce cost and downtime due to equipment damage.

Suggested work process:

  • Literature study of "Methods to increase availability": Investigate different methods to achieve high availability (>90%). What are the different methods and during which lifecycle phases are they best applied. Are some methods more efficient than others? Are some methods more appropriate than others under certain conditions?
  • Classify interruptions of productions: Go through the logbook entries for the “first run” at ESS/”second run” at ESS or CERN entries from the Accelerator Fault Tracker (AFT). Classify the reason for each interruptions of production (equipment unavailable, equipment partly functional, equipment damage due to wear, equipment damage due to misuse, operator error..? ) and pair them with different availability increasing methods.
  • Create an overview of the result and suggest improvements: Collect the results and suggested mitigation in a format that is easily accessible and easily understandable.
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