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Improved resource efficiency at pulp and paper mills by hydrolysis of biological sludge at Linköpings Universitet

Posted 6 days ago

Pulp and paper mills generate large amounts of wastewater that needs to be treated. During treatment, large amounts of biological sludge are produced that needs to be disposed of. This sludge is, however, difficult to dewater and expensive polymers and residue pulp fibres are often required to achieve suitable dryness for incineration. Therefore, the aim of this thesis project is therefore to improve the dewatering properties of the sludge by hydrolytic treatment, using residue heat and/or side-streams from the mill.

In short, the work encompasses a literature study followed by a laboratory investigation where different parameters (i.e. temperature, time of treatment etc.) will be evaluated primarily in terms of improved sludge dewatering properties and change in dissolved organic content.

The thesis project is supervised by AFRY (ÅF Industry) in collaboration with Scandinavian Biogas (SBF) and Linköping University/Biogas Research Center, and it constitutes part of a larger project that is financed by Energiforsk. The laboratory work linked to the thesis will be carried out at Linköping University, and the desired starting date is within October 2020 – January 2021.

We are looking for a student with an education in technical biology, chemical biology, chemical engineering or similar, and with laboratory experience. This project is industrially relevant, addressing existing issues, and with a potential real impact on the waste handling at pulp and paper mills.

Contact at LiU: Eva-Maria Ekstrand,

Contact at SBF: Anna Karlsson,

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