Master Thesis: Quality Assurance Based on AI and Big Data at Ascom

Expires in 13 days

Ascom is a global solutions provider focused on healthcare and industry mobile workflow solutions. Our vision is to digital information gaps, allowing for the best possible decisions – anytime, anywhere. Ascom develops on-site wireless communication solutions to customers all over the world, by providing them with competitive solutions to support and optimize their mission-critical processes. We do this by offering state of the art purpose-built handsets, wireless voice- and message transmission systems, and customized alert and positioning applications. Our main focus is healthcare but we are also active in other demanding sectors such as security, industry, hospitality, and retail.
The Ascom Mobility R&D product portfolio spans multiple wireless technologies, including Voice over Wi-Fi, Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephony (DECT), Paging, and even cellular. Our wireless handsets, pagers, and smartphone Ascom Myco are purpose-built and designed for the specific needs and demands in the mission-critical use environment to empower today's mobile workforce.
Ascom is looking into how the Mobility product family quality can increase even further. Top performance and stability are key selling points for us. It is therefore important that we continuously evolve our software test capabilities.
Today we have huge records of data concerning the quality of our products. It could be bug reports, test run results and/or customer tickets. The idea’ is to use this data in a “smart way” to make a prioritization on what is most important to test. The purpose of this master thesis or temporary stundent work is to:
  • Investigate methods on how to analyze test and quality data as described above.
  • Implement a prototype software mechanism that executes the desired tasks. This could preferably be done with AI and/or data mining approach. Own code and/or open source.
  • Validate the theory and implementation on a project.

Could be adapted to students and company needs.

Technical area, competence demands

  • Master Student within the engineering/software field
  • Interest of software test and quality assurance
  • Programming, preferably Python and/or Java
  • Good communication and team working skills

This thesis is preferably carried out by two Master Students with relevant educational background. The thesis area is with in quality management and software test.
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