H. Lundbeck

Social & Health


Our passion is to make a real difference to patients. By developing innovative treatments, we improve the lives of people living with psychiatric and neurological disorders. To do that your dedication is crucial. That is why you can expect us to be committed to your progress, so you can stay committed to ours.


Based on our Danish heritage and foundation ownership, we have developed a culture of innovation, responsibility and high ethical standards. We inspire curiosity, expect integrity and encourage that knowledge-sharing and patient engagement empower your achievements.


By joining Lundbeck, you will become part of a highly specialized pharmaceutical company that has conducted neuroscience research for more than 70 years and developed psychiatric and neurological treatments to millions of patients worldwide.

We strive for global leadership, and whatever your area of specialization, you will contribute to our company-wide commitment: developing and advancing treatments that improve the lives of people living with psychiatric and neurological disorders.  

We take our position as specialists seriously and use our voice to raise awareness, challenge standards and increase opportunities for patients and for each other.

Our company is based on a flat structure, forming a collaborative working environment based on respect and equality. We employ dedicated colleagues, encourage continuous development and value a good work-life balance. Together, we create the ideal conditions for you and your job, so we can create better conditions for patients.